Τhe Look:   “Birds Parade”

The perfect heavenly world of nature.

Knitted patterns of flowers, birds and leaves. New knits, jacquards and tweed compositions made of wool, metal and mohair, as well as a rich colours palette, based on the colourful world of birds and flowers of Greek nature, became the guide of the designer who continues to show on her imagination and her skill on handmade knitting. The result is cheerful, optimistic, explosive and with a strong ecological message.

Why we like it: Because the perspective from which Smaragdi always approaches knitwear is a pleasant surprise for women who love and do not hesitate to combine warmth, femininity and humor in their appearance.

Stand out: Strapless sweater dresses and tops, Ampir mini dresses, short skirts and shorts, knitted pon-pon jewelry, knitted flower, bird and leaf motifs.